4000-year-old knife found in Lynchmere

A 4000 year old knife has been found by a six year old boy kicking the sand on the track on Lynchmere Common.

Walking with his father, Robert Dows Miller, Felix noticed an unusual stone. Flint is not found naturally there and this seemed to be one that had been worked - making it even more unusual.

Felix and Robert took it to the Haslemere Educational Museum where it was identified as a knife blade probably used for skinning animals and then cleaning the skins before they were used for some form of clothing and dating from 2000-5000 BC.

As flint is not found in this area , and the nearest place is at least 10 miles away close to Petersfield , its finding gives extra credence to trading in these tools or to the fact that hunters had to travel some distance from their settlement to find enough meat.

The knife's shape fits comfortably with a finger along the top edge and was very similar to the blade in Robert's own pen-knife.

After the position of the find had been recorded at the museum , Felix was allowed to keep his knife.