Burst pipe causes flooding damage in Heyshott

Anthea Philip's flooded drive SUS-140508-145409001

Anthea Philip's flooded drive SUS-140508-145409001

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A HEYSHOTT resident watched for nearly two weeks as her garden became logged with water from a burst underground pipe.

Anthea Philip’s garden started filling with water on July 26. “I rang Southern Water and they kindly sent out one man who isolated the leak and three hours later another who confirmed it would be repaired in 48 hours,” said Anthea.

Anthea Philip's flooded property SUS-140508-145358001

Anthea Philip's flooded property SUS-140508-145358001

“He confirmed it was their responsibility and they would make repairs to the tarmac that is now lifting.

“I went to work on July 28, returning to find water still pouring.

“Another man arrives to tell me it is not their responsibility, the other men were wrong to claim it was, but they would be able to repair the leak by August 4.”

A spokesman for Southern Water told the Observer: “This leak was on the customer’s private supply pipe and we are repairing it free of charge. If we can, we will make up to three free repairs on a private pipe, however, customers can contact their own contractor if they wish. Finding a leak can be tricky, particularly if it is under a driveway, which is why we were initially unsure which section of pipe was leaking.”

Despite the issue being fixed on Monday, Anthea is concerned about the amount of water wasted.

“I dread to think how much water leaked away. It has highlighted the importance of getting cover for this kind of damage. My drive is full of weeds due to excess water.”