Call for speed curb in Midhurst

A concerned resident of Midhurst’s June Lane has implored town councillors to help tackle the dangers of speeding traffic before there is serious accident.

Mother of two Eve Eldridge told town councillors on Monday night she had lived in June Lane for four years.

“It’s becoming more of a problem all the time,” she said. “It feels as though it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt.”

Mrs Eldridge, who said she walks the road several times a day and also drives along its length, told the meeting: “June Lane is too narrow for the speed of the traffic using it. It is used as a cut-through and there are parked cars in places they shouldn’t be parked. And even the places where they are allowed to park make the road width too narrow – something needs to be done before something serious happens.”

Mrs Eldridge said she believed a 20mph speed limit along June Lane would be a brilliant solution as some motorists currently travelled at 50mph.

“Making it one way would be very unfair for the people who live at either end,” she said, but felt a mechanism to slow traffic down such as chicanes or speed bumps would be a good solution.

Town councillor Colin Hughes said he believed the only answer to the problem in June Lane which was used widely as a ‘rat-run’ would be to make the road ‘access only.’

He said not all traffic would obey the instruction but if it cut down the amount of vehicles using June Lane by 50 per cent it would be a big improvement.

Chairman of the council John Etherington said the thorny problem of speed in June Lane had raised itself many times in the past.

He said there had been a plan several years ago to block off the top of the road, which had not found favour with highways officers, and assured Mrs Eldridge the issue had already been raised by town councillors and would be discussed again at its next partnership meeting with Chichester district and West Sussex county councillors.

Gordon McAra suggested she should try and get all residents to sign a petition calling action.