Call to close pedestrian pavement in Midhurst

FEARS for pedestrians at a Midhurst bottleneck have led to a call for a pavement to be closed.

Chris Wight, of Cavalier Close, has written a letter to Sussex Police and Midhurst Town Council, in which he recounts a potentially ‘serious accident’ which could have happened at Rumbolds Hill.

In the letter, which was also sent to the Observer, he wrote: “My wife and I, and an elderly lady were almost run over by a speeding train of three vehicles.

“The first was a medium-sized horsebox, with the driver on the phone, with both sets of nearside wheels on the pavement.

“Right up behind was a large 4x4, similarly both wheels on the pavement, and again, on the phone.

Thirdly close behind, was another 4x4, with partial wheels on the pavement.

“Since when did it become permissable to drive one-handed, on the phone, while tail-gating, and with your nearside wheels on the pavement?”

Mr Wight added there was an increasing tendency for ‘impatient and careless’ drivers to drive on the pavement on the narrow stretch of road and risk catching pedestrians with their wing mirrors.

In his letter, Mr Wight called for the closing of the pavement along the stretch of road from the Wheasheaf pub.

He added another area in the town that was a danger to pedestrians was near the library in Knockhundred Row.

At one point he said his wife was ‘pushed’ along the pavement by the wing mirror of a car that had pulled in to let someone alight.