Camelsdale ‘Field of Dreams’ is a reality

Lesley Hussell receiving her cheque from the Field of Dreams success.
Lesley Hussell receiving her cheque from the Field of Dreams success.
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THERE have been some pretty enterprising fundraising schemes at Camelsdale Primary School to raise money to improve the field.

But the idea of ‘selling’ off tiny pieces of it certainly hit the jackpot.

The school has been selling square feet of the field at £10 a go and when all the little parcels had been sold the names of the buyers went into a grand draw for a massive £1,000 prize.

The lucky winner was Lesley Hussell, a member of the Athena networking group which operates in the Haslemere and Liphook area.

She heard about the school fundraising scheme through school head teacher 
Sarah Palmer, who is also a member.

The school launched its fundraising campaign under the banner Field of Dreams at its last Christmas Fayre and since then has raised a phenomenal £21,000.

The amount exceeded their wildest dreams and has even overrun the target of £20,000.

“It has been done to huge generosity of local people and the families connected with Camelsdale School as well as grants both locally and nationally,” said Mrs Palmer.

“We have been truly amazed at how focussed everyone has been and the teamwork that as gone on to achieve so much in such a short space of time.”

As well as the innovative project to divide up the field and ‘sell’ tiny parcels of it, there have been many other fundraising events.

Other methods of filling the coffers have included two successful car washes in the school car park, a scootathon, the LIBDA bike ride and a human fruit machine at a classic car event.

There has been an ice cream stall and a coin stall at the summer fête.

Children have also been filling sweet tubes after being paid for small jobs at home and there was sponsorship of races at the Sports Day 
as well, as the refreshment stall.

Work started some time ago on the field to improve the drainage and make it usable the entire year round.

“With all the money raised the field will be back in action for our summer term,” said Mrs Palmer.