Chichester district European election results

THE Conservatives got the biggest vote share for the European elections in the Chichester District, closely followed by UKIP.

The most votes went to the Conservatives with 12,253 votes (37 per cent of the vote), and UKIP came a close second with 10,622 (32 per cent).

The Green Party had the third most votes, with 3,291 (ten per cent of the vote share), followed by Labour’s 2,769 votes (eight per cent) and Liberal Democrats’ 2,383 (seven per cent).

The British National Party got 170 votes in the district, and An Independence from Europe Party received 645 votes.

In the Chichester district, the voter turnout was 36.41 per cent.

The South East region now has four UKIP MEPs, three Conservatives, one Labour, one Green and one Liberal Democrat.

South East MEPs

1. Nigel Paul Farage (UKIP)

2. Dan Hannan (Con)

3. Janice Ann Atkinson (UKIP)

4. Nirj Deva (Con)

5. Anneliese Jane Dodds (Lab)

6. Diane Martine James (UKIP)

7. Richard James Ashworth (Con)

8. Keith Richard Taylor (Green)

9. Catherine Zena Bearder (Lib Dem)

10. Ray Finch (UKIP)

Local Elections

Havant Borough Council held a local election on May 22, and the Conservative Colin Mackey was re-elected to his Emsworth seat.

He received 1,617 votes, followed by UKIP’s John Davis with 713 votes.