VOTE: Delays could mean fines for disabled motorists in Midhurst and Petworth

Delays in renewing blue badges for disabled drivers in the Midhurst and Petworth area could result in parking tickets being slapped on their cars – through no fault of their own.

West Sussex county councillor responsible for highways and transport Pieter Montyn (pictured) admitted residents using an out of date badge, might still face a parking ticket even though they had applied for renewal.

“However, if this happens, residents have the option to appeal against the charge notice,” he said adding “It must be noted that not all renewal applications will be successful.”

He said traffic wardens employed by district and borough councils throughout West Sussex had been alerted over the delays.

In the meantime, if badge holders were being taken somewhere as a passenger, it was acceptable for a car to stop on single or yellow lines while they were getting out – so long as the vehicle did not cause an obstruction.

That meant people could be dropped off while the car was then parked in an appropriate spot.

Cllr Montyn said there were currently 135 renewal applications with expiry dates of April 20, 2012, or earlier which were with the independent mobility assessors team awaiting assessment.

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Full story see Midhurst and Petworth Observer May 31