DAWN GRACIE: Two shoes are better than one

Dawn Gracie, and Komal Helyer launch their Ruby Shoes Event business
Dawn Gracie, and Komal Helyer launch their Ruby Shoes Event business
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WHEN I first shared the news with close friends and family about the possibility of having a business partner, the reaction wasn’t quite what I expected.

Instead of being full of congratulations and support, it was more concern and doubt.

Strange you might think, but when I dug deeper, it wasn’t because they thought it was a bad idea, but more to do with the fact that I have worked alone heading up shows and events for a few years now and like to be involved with all planning and decisions, seeing things right through to the end.

Some say control freak, but I like to think of it as being a good project manager and one who likes to see big ideas become reality. How could I possibly share tasks with others and halve the responsibility? Well now that Komal Helyer and I have created Ruby Shoes Events and successfully launched our partnership with a fantastic cabaret evening with dining and immersive entertainment in Chichester, I can report that rather than it being a struggle to let go of any reigns, it was in fact a complete joy to share the whole event process and work with someone who thinks and works just like me. Roll on February 27 when we can do it all over again! For more details www.rubyshoesevents.com