Chichester MP Andrew Tyrie has growing concerns over ministers’ attitude on Durand Academy

Andrew Tyrie, MP for Chichester
Andrew Tyrie, MP for Chichester

MP ANDREW Tyrie says he is increasingly frustrated by the stonewalling attitude of government ministers over proposals for the controversial Durand academy’s boarding school at Stedham.

He said he had been pressing ministers at the Department for Education to take a look at proposals for the former St Cuthman’s site.

Lord John Nash, the schools minister, initially refused to meet him.

Mr Tyrie wrote to him again, asking him to reconsider. Three weeks passed and the minister had still not responded, prompting Mr Tyrie to 
write again.

However, it seems the department had in fact lost the letter.

The minister’s private office contacted Mr Tyrie shortly after the second letter, saying they had no record of the original.

“The fact that they can’t keep hold of correspondence is no more than a reflection of the way they seem to be handling this issue,”said Mr Tyrie. “The more I see the more concerned I get.”

He added: “The quite-understandable concerns of my constituents are not going to be assuaged by refusing meetings and losing letters.”