History comes to life for Rogate pupils

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PUPILS at Rogate Primary School have stepped back through the generations to discover how life would have been 65 years ago.

The youngsters of Willow Class have been learning this term about the second world war. They took a pro-active role, deciding which aspects of the war they most wanted to know about.

They have visited Fort Nelson, on Portsdown Hill above Portsmouth, pretended to be German spies, and learnt about the Blitz and the weapons used.

They have also found out first-hand about life in Rogate at the time. Eric Piper, who still lives in the village, was a pupil at the school during the war.

The culmination of this topic was an assembly with parents, followed by an evacuation event. The children, dressed in period costume and complete with gas mask boxes, were evacuated to the church where ‘host families’ were waiting to interview them. Back at school, they were treated to a VE Day-style street party on the playground.