Fernhurst walkers go on a pub ‘crawl’

A brief pause on the outward leg, the only one SUS-140617-164647001
A brief pause on the outward leg, the only one SUS-140617-164647001

A FERNHURST group have completed a pub crawl like no other.

The group of more than a dozen ramblers embarked on a marathon walk from one pub to another – but it was all in the name of charity.

Christopher Scholfield has been organising monthly walks of around eight miles for some time.

His most recent was to be the 63rd, and also one of the hardest.

A monthly walk – and in some areas crawl – from pub to pub and back again, looked an easy choice for some light Monday morning exercise.

But little did those who took part realise just how difficult it was going to be.

Christopher and his Fernhurst group walked ten miles from the Rising Sun in Milland to the King’s Arms in Fernhurst and back by a different route.

Only Christopher knew the walk started with a climb to the top of Woolbeding, and finished with the hot and tired walkers hacking their way through an English jungle as the footpaths were totally blocked by fallen trees.

The very welcome coffee break at the King’s Arms could not have come soon enough and there another dozen walkers joined in for the return, and more difficult, trip.

Fallen trees from the winter gales still litter many of the footpaths, not in single lines but knitted together, making climbing over, under or through frequently very difficult.

Despite a forecast of rain, walkers enjoyed pleasant sunshine on their marathon route.

On one occasion the walkers took to the undergrowth, which was no easier, ripping bare legs and even fooling some of the smaller dogs.

Many showed their marine-like capabilities by rolling under barbed wire fences when the wire was too tight to squeeze between.

The sense of success was great when The Rising Sun was reached, pints were ordered in quick succession and lunch was hastily eaten with delight.

All monies raised by the generous walkers will be donated to the award-winning Haslemere Museum.

Christopher and his walking troupe are now planning their walk for next month, and anyone is welcome to join them.