Go online to recycle unwanted goods

A practical new internet phenomenon for the community has been launched in Midhurst.

The free website lets people in Midhurst recycle things they no longer need by giving them to other people that do need them.

In addition they can search the site and set email alerts for things they need. When a match is found members say they 'want it' and a deal is sealed, with no money changing hands.

Currently being offered are: A logitech USB stereo headset, 1GB of laptop RAM, a Roger and Gallet teapot, a Canon camera flash memory card, a computer desk, CD case, a mobile phone, and much more.

The website's founder, who goes by the mysterious name of The Big Bear, set up the site in response to seeing perfectly serviceable items being dumped at the household recycling site.

He said: "I realised that some people were dumping perfectly good items like baby stairgates, patio furniture, and computers, while another bunch were in the high street buying the exact same stuff. It seemed like such a waste.

"Many of those buying new would have been perfectly happy with a used item for free, and many of those dumping stuff would've been over the moon to have someone take it off their hands and put it to good use."

The website, which is called www.GoodNewsForPolarBears.org, is hoping to sign up 1,000 members in the town in its first month.

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