A flipping good time was had by everyone on pancake day

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IT was time to get out those frying pans and practise flipping skills.

And at Northchapel, Petworth and Fernhurst Primary Schools and back in Midhurst at the Nursery Class, all the youngsters were up for the challenge.

At Northchapel, headteacher Helen Coleman said: “Our annual pancake races are a great way for children to enjoy a challenge, while being cheered on by 
their friends.

“We feel it is important for all children to take part in competitions as learning to lose is as crucial as learning to win.”

There was a record number of races and entrants at Fernhurst School.

Some children brought their own frying pans and some their own edible pancake, but most 
were supplied with pans and plastic pancakes.

May queen Grace Marston, in one of her last duties, helped to start the races.

The teachers rolled out the entrants and a team of Year 6 boys collected up pans and pancakes at the finish.

Organiser Judith Turner thanked the finishing line holders, the judge and others for making her job so easy.

“It is a joy seeing the enthusiasm the children had, both for themselves and for their friends.

Even the men and women in their races did not take too much pushing to get them to run. A wonderful tea and cakes were provided afterwards by the PTA.




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