Co-ALE-ition launches in Langham Brewery

Alan Hope, Leader of The Official Monster Raving Loony Party at the launch of  their Co-ALE-ition Gold beer, at Langhams Brewery

Alan Hope, Leader of The Official Monster Raving Loony Party at the launch of their Co-ALE-ition Gold beer, at Langhams Brewery

THE Official Monster Raving Loony Party (OMRLP) is celebrating 30 years since first standing at an election, and to mark the occasion, it decided to launch its own special brew in Lodsworth.

Alan Hope, OMRLP leader since 1999, wanted to celebrate his party’s achievements over these three decades.

So he launched a special OMRLP ale earlier this year.

A unique and colourful pump clip was designed using a photo of Alan with David Cameron taken at the 2010 general election when Alan stood for the OMRLP in David Cameron’s constituency in Witney (Oxfordshire).

The photo was taken by an OMRLP supporter at Witney with their own camera, but is now owned by the OMRLP and has appeared on its official website and literature since May 2010.

Alan worked with Derrill Carr, a CAMRA member with special interest in supporting local micro-breweries and promoting locally-produced ales, to make the project happen.

Contact was made with Phil Robins, head brewer and owner of the Longdog brewery in Basingstoke, who eagerly took on the challenge of designing a new eye-catching pump clip and producing a special ale for the OMRLP’s 30-year anniversary.

The ale, ‘Winning Co-ALE-ition’, envisages ‘What life would have been like if the coalition government had been the Conservative and OMRLP parties.’

Brewed by the Longdog brewery in Basingstoke, it is a re-branded version of its Brindle Bitter and was officially launched in September.

Winning Co-ALE-ition has already been a great success, having sold in more than 20 pubs across five different counties.

After this outstanding early success, Alan decided to launch four more completely different Co-ALE-ition ales for the OMRLP in 2013.

And each one was to be brewed by a different award-winning micro-brewery based in a different county.

Langham Brewery, based in Lodsworth, was approached and owners Lesley Foulkes and James Berrow readily agreed that the OMRLP could re-brand their award-winning Arapaho Golden Ale as Co-ALE-ition Gold.

The official launch party for Co-ALE-ition Gold took place at Langham’s brewery.

Alan Hope was in attendance at the launch party with other Loony Party members including the West Sussex representative, Baron Von Thunderclap.

Samples of Co-ALE-ition Gold poured straight from the cask were given out and received a thumbs-up from everyone.

Langhams’s Co-ALE-ition Gold should soon be on sale at pubs across Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.




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