Fernhurst residents call for change to roads

Picture by Kate Shemilt.C131410-9

Picture by Kate Shemilt.C131410-9

A PETITION has started in Fernhurst to persuade traffic authorities to extend the 40mph limit further south.

This would then include the crash-heavy corner at Cooksbridge, the Kings Arms and the entrance to the former Syngenta site.

There have been some 20 crashes since Noel Tonkin, who lives at Cooksbridge, began compiling his accident log in 2011.

He started the log because he was concerned about the number of incidents which were occurring, mostly unreported to WSCC.

Mr Tonkin said: “Moving the limit would also reduce the signage confusion created by the existing position of the 50mph sign – after the 50 sign comes a SLOW warning painted on the road, then a 50 repeater sign followed by yet more signs.

“I cannot understand how the complicated and confusing sequence of signs was ever allowed by the traffic safety experts – they must have thought introducing a 50 limit on a de-restricted section would slow the traffic, whereas, before, motorists using their own judgement were driving the bend at much less than 50mph.

“I am convinced the introduction of the 50mph limit at that point has resulted in an increased rate of accidents on 
the corner.”

Fernhurst Parish Council supports the proposal to change the limit and the issue was discussed at the last council meeting, in which Councillor Michael Brown promised to support the change provided.

There has been one fatality on the corner over the past 25 years, as well as the regular involvement of emergency services.

The road is often closed for several hours following an accident and residents say the ‘problems are huge’.




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