Ice cream experiments at Haslemere Prep School

Experimenting at Haslemere Prep School1

Experimenting at Haslemere Prep School1

HASLEMERE Prep School boys have been taking part in National Science and Engineering Week and making their own ice-cream in the science lab.

They seized every opportunity to carry out yeast experiments and chain reactions, make meringues and Yorkshire puds, as well as creating foaming monsters from vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, fairy liquid and food colouring.

The highlight of the week, however, was the visit by Dr Alexander from Imperial College, London who spoke about ice cream to the pupils.

A large dewar of liquid nitrogen had been delivered and the boys had great fun choosing their flavours and mixing ingredients together.

Dr Alexander and head of science Jen Bramwell donned safety gloves and goggles to pour the liquid nitrogen into the bowls and the boys stirred frantically to ensure large crystals didn’t form.

The demonstration culminated in the boys digging into some rather scrumptious, smooth ice cream.




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