Latest display at Midhurst museum

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editorial image

FEBRUARY’S display at Midhurst Museum goes under the title A Cornucopia of Miscellaneous Collectors’ Paraphernalia.

There are ‘penny a lick’ glasses from the days before ice cream cones which were returned washed and used again.

Four different makes of bread rasps are on show which were used by bakers to cut away burnt edges.

There are a variety of tins in the display, always used for keeping things in which has resulted in many examples turning up such as Blue Bird toffee tins which were often used for sewing boxes. There are also several other makes on display. A collection of hat pins remembers when all the ladies wore a hat which was pined into the hair. China dolls sewn into pin cushions to make them more attractive and some jelly moulds are just a few items in this varied display.




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