Loxwood homes plan gets green light

DEFIANT residents are battling to save Loxwood from a development that will see 17 new homes built in the area.

The applicant, a Mr Colin Begeman, submitted plans to Chichester District Council (CDC) for the construction of eight affordable residential units and nine for private sale, with associated access roads, car parking and a landscaped community recreation area.

Villagers have voiced objections to the plans, citing issues about limited parking and public transport, the impact on wildlife, and limited employment provisions.

Despite a petition, the application got the go-ahead from the planning committee.

Resident Kelly Heath said: “There are already a number of properties on the market in Loxwood – some 
of which are taking a long time to sell.

“There are few to no jobs in Loxwood, and very little public transport.”

The proposed site is located on the southern edge of Loxwood, at the far southern end of Farm Close.

It would provide 17 units, of which eight are to be ‘affordable’, in response to the ‘identified local need for affordable housing’.

Loxwood Parish Council said it was in full support of the plans as long as the following conditions were met:

Hedgerow on the western side of the area, bordering the footpath, must be maintained adequately by the management company responsible.

Eight parking spaces at the northern end are to be designated for use solely by residents and Loxwood Surgery staff and no street lighting will be allowed within the site.

Lettings within the affordable housing should ‘prioritise families with a defined local connection to Loxwood, then prioritised out to neighbouring parishes’.

During construction, in order to minimise disruption for nearby homeowners, site activity would be restricted to the hours of 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday, and 8am-1pm on Saturday and all contractors vehicles are to have their wheels washed when leaving.

Residents Mr Harden said: “(We) are most concerned that the site will not be allowed any street lighting, this type of development brings younger families with children, they will be playing outside, someone is going to be run over, this is surely an accident waiting to happen and we cannot comprehend the logic of this.”

Clare Thornton-Wood said: “The proposal makes a claim of sustainability.

“This is a much-abused term, carelessly applied to the proposed development – it satisfies none of the three pillars of sustainability; environmental, social or economic.

“Loxwood fails as a viable centre for development on social sustainability grounds because it is an isolated village.”




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