New face at Petworth legal firm

Andrew and Robert

Andrew and Robert

A WEST Sussex law firm has a new head of private clients, Robert Knight, to take the helm and help people in Petworth solve their legal woes and plan for the future.

Robert is the new head this month at Anderson Longmore and Higham with Bevis Rowntree solicitors.

He will succeed Andrew Brooke, who retires after 35 years with the firm.

Robert joined in October 2013 and is looking forward to becoming part of the community, having lived in Chichester and worked around West Sussex for years.

With a wealth of experience behind him, he is able to advise on a broad range of legal matters.

“I advise people aged 18 to 99 and need to be able to adapt myself to all sorts of situations, including finding out a family’s background and circumstances, and advising wealthy families on the best ways of passing their estates on to the next generation,” Robert said.

Raised in Singapore until the age of nine, Robert returned to the UK and was educated in Kent before spending his working life in West Sussex.

“This is an exciting time at the moment.

“We seem to be out of a long, hard recession and the next two years are looking fantastic in terms of growth in the economy.

“This is great for the public – to feel financially secure. I am interested in planning for future generations and helping with new business start-ups.

“I give bespoke advice to clients, especially about helping the next generation and giving money away in a tax-efficient manner and providing security for their children.

“This can really enhance families lives.”

With a busy working life, Robert also makes time for his bustling home life – set to get busier with non-identical twins on the way.

When not practising law, he can be found sailing in Chichester harbour, cycling or walking across the South Downs and spending some quality time with friends and family.

Now he’s based in Petworth, the community may find him exploring the beautiful grounds of Petworth Park on breaks from work.

Robert and his team can be found at Anderson Longmore and Higham with Bevis Rowntree solicitors, in Wisteria House, Market Square, Petworth.




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