Petworth Film House welcomes expert

PETWORTH Film House will welcome celebrated film historian Nick Smedley to its next classic film evening at the Leconfield Hall.

The local movie expert will introduce the 1993 blockbuster Groundhog Day at the screening on May 8.

Groundhog Day is often regarded as director Harold Ramis’ finest work and Nick will discuss why it is considered a modern classic.

Michael Peet, of the film house, said: “We are delighted to have discovered Nick living just down the road. He will be introducing some of our films later in the season, offering our audience the chance to understand more of the historical background to the film and to appreciate there is often more to an escapist American film than first meets the eye.”

Film author Nick, who lectures on Hollywood at film societies, has been published in journals and specialises in the history of American cinema. He added: “It will be a pleasure and a delight to play a part in Petworth Film House over the next few months.

“I hope my pre-screening talks will be illuminative and form a useful narrative to the film.”

Tickets for the screening are available at www.petworthfilmhouse.co.uk




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