Picture Gallery: Mysterious vapour trails appear in Midhurst skies

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MOTORISTS and pedestrians alike came to a standstill in Midhurst when a series of unusual jet trails appeared 
in the skies.

Paul Moss, who works at the Walled Garden in Cowdray Park, spotted stunning images as the long, lingering clouds of white vapour appeared.

“I noticed some very unusual jet trails criss-crossing our skies above Cowdray Park,” he said.

“As we continued to watch, we were joined by other members of the public out walking their dogs and I was told by one person that they were ‘chemtrails’, which last much longer than ordinary jet trails.”

According to the ‘chemtrail’ theory, such long-lasting trails are chemical or biological agents sprayed by planes for 
any number of top-secret – or sinister – purposes, undisclosed to the public.

Paul added: “They were still just visible by the end of our working day, some eight hours later!

“I was unfamiliar with the term ‘chemtrail’, but after much Googling, was able to make some sense of what was occurring in our skies.

“I found one particularly informative online lecture from Reading University’s David Lim.

“It is quite long, but well worth the watch.”




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