Pop star Shakira fights Stedham World Cup anthem

Joe McGairl in his studio 'photobombed' by the animated character he and two friends created SUS-140528-093746001

Joe McGairl in his studio 'photobombed' by the animated character he and two friends created SUS-140528-093746001

SUPERSTAR Shakira is so worried about competition from a Stedham artist’s rival World Cup anthem, she has tried to shut him down.

As football fever grips the nation and fans across the world prepare for the biggest event in the game’s calendar, Joe McGairl tapped into the frenzy – recording World Cup song and video England’s Year to cheer England to victory in Brazil.

Shakira released her Brazil 2014 World Cup anthem La La La on YouTube several days before Joe and as the Observer went to press, it had had 4.2 million views.

Joe tweeted the Columbian singer – and her 25 million followers – to tell her about his own song, which also features the lyrics ‘la la la’ and within seconds, her team managed to get Joe’s Twitter account suspended.

“It was just a friendly tweet,” he said. “I’m new to Twitter, so am not sure how to use it, but I only pointed her to our video.”

Pop sensation Shakira made the official 2010 South Africa World Cup song, Waka Waka, but this time American artists Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez have taken the honours with We Are One (Ola Ola).

Keen football fan Joe’s version has already become an Internet sensation, with more than 8,000 hits in two days.

“It had to be fun, light-hearted, and catchy – something that would inspire supporters and create a party atmosphere for Brazil 2014,” he said.

Joe, 30, has been writing music and performing since the age of six.

“My profession is ‘artist manager’ in the music industry, so I don’t usually make music for a living.”

He got in touch with two talented friends – animator Nick Murray-Willis and vocalist Harleen Bahra.

The trio, ‘Muddy Boots’, co-wrote the lyrics, Nick made the video and Harleen provided the main vocals.

“We are just hoping to get as much grassroots support from the football community as possible.

“The hope is to capture the mood of the nation, more so than the less-than-exciting songs from the FA that don’t necessarily strike a chord with fans.

“This was all put together in a really short space of time – we were still recording after midnight before our deadline, and sent it off to the studio the next morning.

“We really want West Sussex to get behind us.”

Joe wrote and produced the music from his bedroom studio in less than six weeks, and the Muddy Boots group enlisted friends to help with singing and clapping.

With fun, upbeat music, cheeky lyrics, an infectious chorus and a hilarious animated video, Joe is looking for lots of local support to make England’s Year go viral.

Fans of the video are calling for it to be made the official World Cup anthem.

One YouTube viewer says: “I officially vote this song to be the anthem for our nation. Even Rooney can remember that chorus.”

Many are calling it ‘the best anthem in years’ on the site.

See how many famous faces you can spot in the video, on YouTube by clicking - Here

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