Starlight events in Midhurst

THE Starlight Centre is preparing for another successful and interesting year ahead.

The Midhurst based group runs events on a range of eclectic topics, and anyone is welcome.

On February 27, it will re-open with Talks and Demonstrations on Holistic subjects, discovering the deep mysteries of life.

Meetings are on the last Thursday of each month at Cowdray Hall, from 7.15pm-9.30pm. Entrance is £5 including refreshments.

The May and June meetings will change venue to Capron House, North Street, Midhurst.

Subjects for the year include Trance Healing, Mediumship, Astral Travel, Iridology, Shamic Healing, Crystals, Wild Flower Essences, Balancing Chakaras, Climb for Peace, Mysteries of Mediumship and Corn Circles.

March 15 will see the first workshop, The Power and Frequencies of Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls and Gongs by Sarah Weller, from 2pm-5pm at Cowdray Hall. Tickets are £15, with refreshments, and booking is necessary.

For more information visit the shop Seventh Heaven, 1 West Street, Midhurst, telephone 01730 813456 or 01730816756.

Alternatively, visit the website www.cowdrayhall.co.uk/events




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