Milland clerk celebrates a quarter of a century


THE precept has gone from £3,000 a year to almost £30,000 and she has taken more than 200 sets of minutes in her 25 years as clerk to Milland Parish Council.

And to honour Lorraine Grocott’s quarter of a century in the post, parish councillors past and present gathered to mark the occasion. Among those present were councillors who served with her and representatives from other groups including county councillor Gordon McAra and Bruce Middleton from the South Downs National Park.

Parish councillors presented her with a rose bush, appropriately called Jubilee, and a silver rose vase.

Lorraine still works in a room at her home in Milland, but her equipment has been substantially upgraded.

She started with a secondhand IBM gold ball typewriter and no photocopier but, over the years, the council has moved in to the electronic and computer age.

“When I took the job over, the outgoing chairman Darcy Burdett commented there would be changes ahead for parish councils and this has certainly been the case,” said Lorraine.

“I think the work of parish councils is sometimes underrated and councillors’ input goes unnoticed, but they provide a very important source of experience and skill to the constant changes in rural communities.”