Station reopens after Manchester terror attack

Manchester Victoria railway station has reopened to services more than a week after a suicide attack at the Manchester Arena.

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Politicians give verdict on Corbyn-May TV interviews

Tim Farron has said Theresa May had a “car crash interview” and also attacked Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit stance following the pair’s grillings by voters and Jeremy Paxman.

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Female zookeeper killed in Cambridgeshire after tiger enters enclosure

A female zookeeper has been killed in a “freak accident” after a tiger entered the enclosure she was in.

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Hundreds attend candlelight vigil for Manchester attack victims

Hundreds of mourners paid emotional tribute to the victims of the Manchester terror attack, exactly one week after Salman Abedi wrought death and destruction on the city.

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Ukip’s Paul Nuttall ‘would not rule out’ internment for terror suspects

Ukip leader Paul Nuttall has suggested he would be prepared to back the detention without trial of suspected terrorists.

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Grayson Perry crafts Brexit and Remain vases that look ‘remarkably similar’

Transvestite potter Grayson Perry has revealed his latest artwork – two vases inspired by the battle over Brexit.

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Zookeeper killed in tiger incident hailed as ‘shining light’

A keeper killed in a “freak accident” after a tiger entered the enclosure she was in has been described as the “shining light” of the zoo where she worked.

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Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn put on the spot in live TV grilling

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have been forced to defend their records as they faced a live TV grilling from a studio audience and presenter Jeremy Paxman.

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PM confronted by officer over ‘devastating’ cuts in police numbers

Theresa May has insisted she is providing police with the resources and powers they need, after she was confronted by a serving officer on live TV about “devastating” cuts during her time as home secretary.

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Corbyn insists he won’t soften UK foreign policy

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has insisted he would not “soften” Britain’s foreign policy if he became prime minister, after Conservative claims that he would be soft on terrorism.

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Sturgeon warns of ’emboldened Tory government’ ahead of SNP manifesto launch

A vote for the SNP will “strengthen Scotland’s hand” against a Conservative government at Westminster, Nicola Sturgeon has said ahead of the launch of the party’s General Election manifesto.

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Charles receives honorary degree in Transylvania

The Prince of Wales has received an honorary degree for his devotion to Romania at the start of a private visit to the East European country, a Transylvanian university said.

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BA admits ‘work to do’ on missing luggage after catastrophic IT failure

A “significant number of customers” are still without their luggage after a British Airways IT failure caused global flight disruption.

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PM: Labour-SNP sweetheart deal could lead to ‘government in chaos’

A “sweetheart deal” between Labour and the SNP after the June election could result in a “government in chaos”, Theresa May warned, as Scotland’s First Minister said she would use such an agreement to get as much of her nationalist manifesto implemented as possible.

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William ‘sad’ his children will never know their grandmother

The Duke of Cambridge has spoken about his sadness that his mother is not around to see his children growing up.

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BA chief rejects jobs outsourcing as cause of ‘catastrophic’ IT failure

The outsourcing of British Airways jobs was not to blame for a “catastrophic” IT failure that brought the airline’s operations to a halt, its chief executive said.

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Former Blue Peter presenter John Noakes dies aged 83

Former Blue Peter host John Noakes has died aged 83, a family friend has announced.

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Election day ahead: Labour pains by Corbyn to net mums’ vote

On the campaign trail today Fresh from the hot lights of the TV studio, Theresa May will be back on the road as we continue the last full week of campaigning before the General Election as the Conservative battlebus takes the PM to the West Midlands.

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Parents raid children’s piggy banks to tune of nearly £50 a year, says poll

Piggy bank-raiding parents are plundering nearly £50 a year typically from their children’s savings, a survey has found.

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Cheese champion Chris Anderson on a roll with record-equalling 20 wins

A champion cheese-chaser has equalled the all-time record for the most cheeses won in the death-defying Cheese Rolling Race.

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