Neighbourhood plan meetings to help shape the future of Petworth

RESIDENTS are being invited to a series of talks which will help shape their town.

Petworth Town Council has begun the process of creating a neighbourhood plan for the parish and will host a series of three public drop-in sessions for residents.

At the public engagement meetings, residents will be able to learn more about the plan and have the opportunity to give feedback and express their hopes and concerns for the future.

All members of the community are welcome to drop into the sessions anytime between 3pm-8pm on Monday, May 11 at the Herbert Shiner School, on Tuesday, May 12 at the Hampers Green Community Centre and on Wednesday, May 13 in the Leconfield Hall.

Douglas Cooper, chairman of the Petworth Neighbourhood Plan steering group, said the views of residents across the town were needed in order to move the plan forward.

“Petworth is a wonderful place, but we aim to make it even better,” he said.

“The neighbourhood plan offers residents the perfect opportunity to help shape the future of Petworth and your views are necessary to move the plan forward and create a clear framework to improve the community we live in.

“It will allow us to exert more control over where future development takes place, to influence the type and quality 
of the development and to ensure that the change it brings meets local objectives.”

The three meetings will be hosted by members of the Petworth neighbourhood plan steering group comprising local councillors, residents and specialist planning consultants.

Roundtable discussions will focus on the key five areas of the plan, including housing, working and shopping, leisure and well-being, environment, sustainability and design and getting around.

Petworth Town Council and the Petworth Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have already had the benefit of the research from the Petworth Vision Action Plan which covered the town centre and the economy.

A baseline report for the neighbourhood plan was put together in November 2014 and is available on the websites of the town council, Petworth Vision and Petworth Community and in the town library.

Residents of Petworth will shortly receive a written questionnaire through their letterbox inviting them to the public engagement meetings and encouraging them to fill in a short survey which will help take the plan through to the next stage of the consultation process.

For further information about the plan or the meetings, email or visit the website Petworth Town Council