Northchapel schoolchildren enjoy summer visit

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BRIGHT summer sun shone on Northchapel Primary School children during their recent activity trip to Chichester Harbour.

Every two years, the school takes children from Year 5 and Year 6 to the Cobnor Activities Centre, near Chidham.

Office staff member Sarah Barnwell, who organised the trip, said the children had a ‘lovely time’
and it was a success.

“We always come back and have great reviews about how lovely it’s been,” she said.

“We will be heading back in two years time definitely.”

The children took part in many activities, including sailing, kayaking, archery, mountain biking and low ropes.

Apart from the Friday, when there was a thunderstorm, the group enjoyed splendid weather.

“They were very lucky that time,” Sarah added.

“It could be in the south of France in those pictures.”

Some of the children’s favourite activities included the water-based activities, especially kayaking and sailing.

Sarah said the raft-building also became quite competitive.

“They get really good food down there and it was a very enjoyable experience for them,” she added.