How to keep your pet safe as evenings get darker

With fewer daylight hours at this time of year, it’s a good idea to take extra precautions to keep our pets safe.

Having my blood pressure taken - which turned out to be good!

On Your Marks: My struggle for fitness and better health starts here

Sussex Sports Editor Mark Dunford is taking on a challenge to get healthier and fitter. Here he starts with a health check.
Just a Thought wiith the Bishop of Chichester SUS-171110-140358001

The sounds of the Earth

Even though there’s masses of open countryside in Sussex, the sound of contemporary technology is never far away.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Country walk: West Stoke Downs

This walk is from the cornfields at West Stoke described opposite and on northwards uphill to West Stoke clump, then on to Woodend.


LEGAL CORNER: Asking the right questions is key to unlocking good investment advice

If you are looking for informed and reliable investment advice, either on your own behalf or for a loved one, you will probably turn to a professional financial advisor for help. But how can you be sure the professional you choose deserves your trust – what should you look for in a good investment advisor?


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Harvesting in the Old Way

A favourite rural Sussex event is Harvesting in the Old Way, this year held on David Mortimer’s farm a mile or so northwest of Chichester at West Stoke.


CHADNEY BULGIN: Take financial action now for when you are no longer here

In our last article, we discussed how some people never actually get around to organising their financial affairs in the event of their death.

Blaise Tapp

Opinion: Rules are rules when it comes to uniforms

As somebody who adopts a permanently dishevelled look, I really don’t have much room to talk about the appearance of others.

Rt Reverend Richard Jackson, Bishop of Lewes

Rejoicing in our shared humanity

I have been fortunate recently to attend events organised by followers of other faiths.

The late Duke of Richmond and Gordon with his wife the Duchess

An extraordinary and wonderful man

It is with great sorrow that we have heard the news that His Grace the Duke of Richmond and Gordon died on 1st September, after a short illness.

Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

Education to nurture virtue

It’s been a rather typical English summer.

RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Taming a temperamental bird of prey

The mention of sparrow hawks on this week’s walk reminds me of the book on hawking to which King Charles 11 was pleased to give his approbation in 1683, thus securing for its author, Richard Blome, a market from subscribers.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Country walk: Hacking Copse to Colworth Farm

This circular walk of 5.2 miles (8.3kms) is through forest and field of both West Dean and Cowdray Estates. Please keep dogs under tight control as this is deer and pheasant shooting country both vital to rural economies.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Country Walk: East Head, West Wittering

I like to visit East Head in summer despite the crowds on the nearby beach, in order to walk among the hundred species of wild flowers and grasses which grow in the sand dunes.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Brexit’s impact on wildlife

What will happen to UK wildlife laws when we come out of Europe? For many years, birds, flowers, butterflies and all living creatures have enjoyed widespread protection under EU Habitat Directives (Natura 2000) which have been methodically worked out by teams of scientists over a score of years.

The Brighton Pebbles group

Supporting parents across the county

Most new parents have had The Panic

Alexia Rowley

COLUMN: Why parents are the bright future of our workforce

Alexia Rowley on why parenthood improves your performance at work.


COMMENT: Hidden threat of cybercrime under the radar – but no longer

The humble bobby on the beat is the traditional symbol of security.


CHADNEY BULGIN: How your home can secure your future

Your home is likely to be your biggest asset. And as you get older you may start to think about whether you could release some of the value tied up in your property to fund home improvements, take holidays, fund care costs or simply to supplement your income.


LEGAL CORNER: Sometimes mirror-signal-manoeuvre is not enough

The Court of Appeal recently confirmed that, where there is particular risk to another road user, a motorist has a duty to make a final check in the mirrors before completing a turn.

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