KELLY BROWN: Cards, macaroni necklaces and an empty cake wrapper for me!

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SO, WHILE my son handed me my collage picture ready for Mother’s Day – my daughter handed me an empty cake case.

The pair of them have been making special mummy goodies at nursery this week and have brought them home for me.

On the list of lovingly-created treats is a beautiful macaroni necklace – painted with splodges of course – and cards with tissue paper and colourings all over them.

My little man also decided to make me a collage which came with a home-made pouch on it which seems to serve the purpose of housing all the bits of paper he could not stick on the picture.

It was very sweet – even overlooking the fact it was still covered in sticky PVA glue which had not quite dried.

Meanwhile my daughter had made me a rice crispie cake. Apparently.

I say apparently because I never actually got to enjoy or even see her creation.

Her dad made the fatal mistake of letting her hold her lunchbox in the car on the way home.

Apparently then, while driving home, he suddenly heard a little ‘crunch’ as she decided to help herself to mummy’s pressie – presumably as part of some brave effort to save me from the calories!

Little monkey! Still it is the thought which counts and not the cakes – though the cake would have been nice.

But on Sunday, as we head towards the day to celebrate all things mummy, I won’t really mind that she ate my cake, as long as I get lots of snuggles and we have a lovely day together.

And that is not forgetting my own amazing mum, who has been a massive support and no doubt endured my eating her presents when I was a child.

I will be ensuring I spend some quality time with her too on Sunday and make sure she knows just how special she is.

As I sit on the sofa and cuddle up with my contented little ones – who want nothing more than to simply 
be next to me – I must remember how I must have done the same thing as a child.

Well I may be all grown up – but I’m not too old for a cuddle with my mum, too.

Birthday dilemma

IT HAS just dawned on me my daughter turns two in a couple of weeks and I have no idea what cake to make her.

For every one of my children’s birthdays, I have made them a cake – a butterfly one being her first birthday creation – but I feel a little clueless about what to make this year.

I could go down the Peppa Pig route, or Minnie Mouse, or fairies... oh, there is just too much choice!