LAURA CARTLEDGE: When it comes to revision, I believe the ‘old school’ approach is best

A BOOKLESS library has opened.

The 11,000sq ft of, well, not a lot, can be found in Florida.

And for me, hearing the location made it all make a tiny bit more sense.

You see our friends across the pond seem to have a knack for causing confusion just by putting two words together.

President Bush is one that springs to mind.

While if chocolate is meant to come from cacao, then Hersey’s Chocolate needs to take a long look in the mirror.

Okay, so those examples may be down to personal opinion, but I think we can agree a library with no books is a room.

And in this case, that room is designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

Which seems a bit over the top when the 135,000 digital volumes could probably fit on one of those

super-duper external hard drives.

It makes me feel slightly mad and more than a little old – a dangerous combination.

In my day, which I thought was only about five minutes ago, we absorbed information rather than downloading it.

Our tools were highlighters, post-it notes and, if we were feeling rebellious, folded page corners.

Of course computers played a part, but I always preferred working by the glow of my desk light than the glow of the screen.

I still do.

At the moment I am training for another journalism qualification.

I know some of you may find it hard to believe, judging on my weekly ramblings, that I am qualified at all.

But I have the certificates and handwriting ruined by shorthand to prove it.

By day I write, by night I read.

Hand on my heart, I can’t say I wouldn’t embrace the Matrix approach – where they just plug you in and BOOM you can pilot a helicopter – if it was offered to me.

But for now I am doing it by the book.