Owls visit Rother Valley community group

Petra Lynn pictured with a European Eagle Owl
Petra Lynn pictured with a European Eagle Owl

MEMBERS of Rother Valley Together (RVT) were stunned this month at a visit from four beautiful owls.

The community group was visited by members of Owls About Town, which educates people about the birds while rehabilitating them.

Petra Lynn, centre manager of RVT, which meets at the Grange in Midhurst, said: “We were graced with a visit from Owls About Town who brought four of their stunning birds.

“It was such a pleasure for us all to hold the beautiful creatures and hear about how they came to be rescued by Andy and Zsi and the great work they do rehabilitating them and educating groups on their protection and conservation.

“We’ll certainly be having them back.”

The club has arranged a number of other activities throughout May and the first half of June.

Activities have included cookery sessions, flower arranging, woodwork, after lunch speakers, free NHS health checks, chiropody, hairdressing and massage therapy.

There was also a day trip to Southsea.

The NHS health checks are free to all and held monthly.

To book a space call 01243 642370.

There are guest speakers booked for June and July, with a series of sensory art session starting today.

Membership of the RVT is £10 annually.

For more information call Petra or Emma on 01730 816267.