Petworth Society looks back at profitable year

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The 37th annual meeting of the Petworth Society has been held in the Leconfield Hall.

The treasurer, Andrew Henderson, presented the financial report in which reduced spending had resulted in a small surplus on the previous year.

Donations had held up and activities had been well supported.

The chairman, Peter Jerrome, thanked him for his excellent, though demanding work.

The committee was re-elected en bloc.

In his report, Peter Jerrome paid tribute to Mrs Audrey Grimwood, whose death had just occurred.

A committee member from the 1970s until she became ill in 2005, she had been a tireless worker for the society in many roles.

Events had been well attended.

The society maintained its support for the Leconfield Hall, Cottage Museum and Coultershaw Beam Pump trusts and Petworth Fair Day.

The quarterly magazine was of importance in preserving the vocal tradition of the area.

The report ended with slides by Ian Godsmark and David Wort of activities, followed by shots of the Cottage Museum garden.

Neil Sadler then gave a talk on his experiences entitled: A policeman’s lot...can be an interesting one.