Picture Gallery: New bell celebrations at Rogate church

ROGATE bell ringers at St Bartholomew’s Church are celebrating their new bell following more than six months of hard work.

The Sanctus bell, St Michael, is inscribed with the names from Rogate’s war memorial.

Now they have to get the bell from the car to the church... SUS-140828-174557001

Now they have to get the bell from the car to the church... SUS-140828-174557001

It began in March when bell captain Darren Woodyer suggested having a new bell cast to commemorate those who lost their lives in Rogate in the first world war.

The group went about getting permission from rector Edward Doyle and seeking expert advice on the project.

Fundraising kicked off with a fun pudding club which raised £532, followed by a jumble sale in April, raising £611. In May and June a car wash raised £575, then wedding bell fees were donated to the fund and bell ringer Caroline did a sponsored bike ride, bringing in another £320.

In July the group held a private viewing of the beautiful Shalford House garden with a tea, 
raising £467.

Secretary of Rogate and Trotton bell ringers, Penny Croucher, said: “We also received many generous donations which enabled us to actually place the order with Taylor’s Bell Foundry in Loughborough. We needed £8,000 to be able to do this.

“In July, we hired a mini bus to drive to Loughborough to witness the casting of our bell.

“This was such a memorable day. It truly felt a historic moment to see ‘our baby’ being born!”

ON Sunday, September 7, a service will be held at St Bartholomew’s.

We will remember them will be a civic service of prayer and remembrance, commemorating the centenary year of the start of the first world war. The service will start at 10.15am.

Sculptor Phillip Jackson will be in attendance, with county and parish councillors. Brother Anthony Brunning will give a talk on Ernest Humphrey, the first soldier from Rogate who was killed in action.