Rogate crossing set to be scrapped after objections

PLANS for a £60,000 signal controlled pedestrian crossing in the centre of Rogate look set to be scrapped after objections from villagers

The scheme has been in the pipeline for several years after requests from residents, who wanted a controlled crossing to get over the busy A272 from the school, church and the bus stop on one side to the village shop and the bus stop on 
the other.

The plan was added to West Sussex County Council’s infrastructure plan for future consideration.

But in 2011 it was identified by the North Chichester County Local Committee as a high priority.

In August last year the parish conducted consultation to collect comments, and four months later it confirmed support for the implementation of the scheme.

It was then scheduled for design and consultation in 2012-13 and work to be carried out some time in the next year.

The puffin-style crossing was planned in the centre of Rogate on the A272, 11 metres west on the junction with Habin Hill.

In a report to members of the county local committee (CLC), who look set to scrap the scheme next week, officers said: “The location proposed was carefully selected to accommodate the desire for local residents crossing the road and the proximity of the junction of Habin Hill and the tight bend in the road towards Petersfield.”

But despite the planning and early consultation it appears the proposal hit a major snag when it was formally advertised.

The report to members of the CLC on July 2 says: “A large number of local residents objected to the proposed scheme and a meeting was arranged with West Sussex County Council, local residents, shop owners and the local councillors.

“It was decided that the crossing was not wanted in the proposed location but that, due to safety reasons and regulations, there was no other suitable location available within the village.

“It was therefore decided between all interested parties that the crossing scheme should not be implemented.”

The recommendation to remove the crossing from the county council’s planned works programme is one of the items on the 
agenda at next week’s North Chichester county local committee which will be held at 7pm on Tuesday, at Compton Up Marden Church of England School.

Members are Michael Brown (Fernhurst), Janet Duncton (Petworth), Gordon McAra (Midhurst) and Sandra James, (Bourne).