Scavenger hunt on Lynchmere Common


FERNHURST Beavers put the new disabled access path at Lynchmere Common to the test when they met there for some practical badge work.

Nine members of the Beaver group and their families joined in a specially-organised walk along the path.

Among those present was Tracey Edwards, the Fernhurst Beaver colony leader.

And leader and organiser of the walk was Sue Gibbon who is group Scout leader.

There was a special break halfway around the route when the young Beavers stopped to take part in a summer scavenger hunt.

Leaders had the youngsters searching for no less than 15 different items.

Among them the Beavers had to hunt out a leaf munched by a caterpillar as well as five different grasses and a white downy feather probably from a pigeon.

When they had completed the scavenger hunt, each of the Beavers who had taken part was given a pen as a prize and everyone was given a cake to keep them going to the end of the route.

All those who took part in the meeting are working towards their ‘Hikes Away’ badges and it represented part of their fitness challenge.

After the hunt, the Beavers and their families were met by Richard Appleby from the Lynchmere Society.

He talked briefly to everyone about the society and outlined the development of the disabled route which is a path constructed around a section of the common by the Lynchmere Society with support from the South Downs National 
Park Authority.

On this same day the Beavers were out and about, the whole Scout troop with their three leaders spent the weekend at the South Of England showground for ‘Scoutabout’, an activity weekend for Scouts and Guides from throughout Surrey.

The following Sunday the Scouts and Cubs will be taking part in a joint hike in the area – the Scouts walking all day and the Cubs joining them at lunchtime.

Although it is an active group, the leadership team is in need of enlarging so that members can continue to enjoy all the activities provided.

Anyone interested in supporting it should contact Sue Gibbon, group Scout leader on