Slurry pit could help Cowdray farm deal with waste

A FARM hopes to improve waste arrangements by creating a new slurry lagoon.

Viscount Cowdray has submitted plans to for the facility at Moor Farm in Cowdray Park.

Plans said the farm believed the proposal was ‘essential for the ongoing viability of farming at Moor Farm’.

The lagoon would be located within a ‘suitable position’ within the farm complex.

It would have minimal impact on the area and would also be of an appropriate scale and appearance.

The farm has 200 cows while the Kennels Dairy has 150 cows, consisting of mainly Holstein cows which produce milk for Dairy Crest which is then sold in Sainsbury’s supermarkets.

The site proposed for the lagoon is currently being used as a manure heap storage area.

In plans the farm said: “Our proposal is needed from a practical viewpoint, which will aid us with the better management of the slurry and dirty water the farm produces.”

It said the plans would have no effect on land values and would have minimal effect on the neighbouring residents.

It will also enable the farm to comply with new Nitrogen Vulnerable Zones (NVZ) in the UK which brings extra restrictions on the storage and spreading of animal manures.

As a result of the new rules, it will not be possible to spread slurry between the Environment Agency’s close period between October and February.

“It is necessary therefore to store the slurry and dirty water on the farm for five months,” said the proposal.

“Currently we have enough storage capacity for two-and-a-half months, it is therefore necessary to double this storage capacity at Moore Farm to comply with these regulations which came into place on January 1, 2012,” it added.