Two more year groups at Easebourne School


CONIFERS pupils can now stay on for an extra two years at the Easebourne-based preparatory school following the decision to increase the age range from 11+ to 13+.

The news comes after an extensive consultation with both Ofsted and the department for education, which has involved providing detailed plans for the provision of excellent teaching and pastoral care.

The changes will now enable current and new pupils to further their Conifers’ education into Years 7 and 8.

The first cohort of children will begin Year 7 in September next year.

Conifers’ pupils will be fully prepared for entry to their senior schools, including schools which require passes in 13+ Common Entrance examinations.

“The 11-to-13-years span is such a crucial time for children and this development will allow them to continue to benefit from the environment at Conifers, while being challenged and stretched in our small classes,” said headteacher Emma Smyth.

“This will allow children an unsurpassed level of individual attention, providing a springboard into their senior school education.”