VOTE: Are you concerned about the failure to provide a drop-off point for children at Midhurst Rother College?

The failure of planners to provide a ‘dropping off’ point for parents bringing children to the new Midhurst Rother College is still causing serious concern.

Following an outcry from residents and town councillors over the new school ‘safety zone’ plans a meeting was held with officers of West Sussex County Council who drew up the proposals.

They included keep clear signs, flashing lights, red road surfacing patches and slow markings in North Street as well as double and single yellow lines in Lambert Lane.

But this week, following the meeting, town councillor Peter Field reported: “We quickly got to the nub of the issue which is the lack of dropping off points on the site and we got the clear message they are not intending to do anything about it.”

He said it had been suggested that parents could use the North Street car park as a dropping off point or possibly the lay-by close to the school entrance in North Street.

But town councillors have been told the school does not intend to use the Lamberts Lane entrance for pedestrians or cyclists. It will, they have been advised, only be used in an emergency.

This has alleviated fears over the dangers posed on the narrow lane. County council officers have also drastically reduced their plans for double and single yellow lines along Lamberts Lane. They have been restricted to the corner close to the veterinary surgery where the new youth centre will be built.

Chairman of the finance committee, Steve Morley, said he was encouraged the county council appeared to be listening to their concerns, but wanted to see a plan taking into account the needs of the whole town.

Councillors still have reservations about the lack of a ‘drop off’ and flashing lights in North Street.