Call to action for hospital site plans

Only 18 months after they were granted planning permission, City and Country, the developers of the King Edward VII hospital site, are short of money, having only spent £3m from an £18m project.

City and Country have requested the strict S106 conditions, agreed on in late 2011, be relaxed to enable them to commence new build now. The S106 stipulated the preservation of the old hospital building was of such importance that it should be completed before any new buildings were allowed to be started.

The priority of local residents has been the preservation of the old sanitorium building and the only way that SDNPA can guarantee this is to hold City and Country to the robust S106 and not allow their application. Nobody wanted enabling of the new build village, but they were prepared to accept it if the hospital building was restored.

If SDNPA allow the request, and City and Country commence their new village now before the hospital is restored, their financial problems could force them to withdraw at any point, leaving half-built derelict devastation on the downs above Midhurst.

No national park authority should allow this possibility.

Your letter could make a difference. Write to Tim Slaney, SDNPA, Penns Place, Petersfield, GU31 4EX before April 26, quoting SDNPA/13/01455/MPO

Lady Sandra Margetts

Hurst Park