Hunt for the hunts

The hunting season is fast approaching and over the coming months wild animals will be terrorised in the countryside to satisfy a small minority’s desire to chase and kill for sport.

In an ideal world, hunts would be preparing for a season of trail and drag hunting, but we know the reality is very different.

Sadly, a number of hunts are continuing to hunt as they traditionally did before the Hunting Act was passed.

However, with almost 200 convictions under the Act, it’s only a matter of time before those who think they can ride roughshod over the law will be brought to justice.

Our professional observers will be out in force this season, monitoring the activities of hunts which are believed to be breaking the law.

To be more efficient, we need information as to where hunts are hunting, where they are meeting and when they are going out.

If you have information on your local hunts’ activities or meet cards, we would urge you to pass this on to the League so we can assist the police in enforcing the law.

Joe Duckworth

Chief executive,

League Against Cruel Sports