Power cuts an issue

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ON A number or occasions recently during the daytime and the evenings, the electricity supply has been cut off in Kirdford Village.

While this has been for a very short duration, it is most annoying as you have to reset a lot of electrical equipment, some of which will not respond until the clocks are reset.

Worst of all, every time this happens the alarm goes off and if it occurs when I am out, will continue unabated. Three times in one evening, which did occur, is unacceptable.

I rang Southern Electric and an engineer visited shortly after, but he indicated that Southern Electric had no record of such failures and others had not phoned in.

I immediately involved my direct neighbour in the discussion, who confirmed the interruptions to

the service; I also stopped a young lady walking her dog who lived at the far end of the central Kirdford village area who confirmed they also suffered these interruptions to the service.

The Southern Electric representative stated that if it covered such a large area, it was a fault in the 11kv system, but he had no way of knowing or even finding where this fault might exist.

This I think is appalling that we are being given a below-standard service – in this day and age, surely Southern Electric have the ability to check for a fault which obviously exists?

The engineer suggested that if more phoned in when the fault occurs, it might gain some response.

The phone number is 0800 072 7282... fellow neighbours in Kirdford, PLEASE PHONE next time it occurs.

If it happens again at best I will reduce payment on my bill, or possibly stop paying at all until I know I have a safe and reliable service available to me.

If Southern Electric cannot find a reason for this fault, which has occurred on many occasions, what else don’t they know about?

Allan J Chambers,