Small town attitude

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I AM amazed at the narrow-minded, small-town attitude of the member of the town council who complained about the wonderfully humorous Zeemax Emporium in Midhurst.

I was dismayed when their clearance sale started soon after opening, but delighted to see they have now, with humour and courage, turned it around to be a, rare at the moment, success story.

I predicted some years ago that Midhurst has to change if it wished to survive as a viable shopping centre.

I think with the establishment of the national park, and the opportunities that will bring, it has no option.

Midhurst needs shops as vibrant as Zeemax to attract people to the town; it’s from this that the other local shops will benefit by increased footfall and the trade it will bring.

Rather than seeking to stifle this wonderful display of entrepreneur spirit the local politicians should be doing everything they can to encourage and nurture.

As a former chair of the local chamber of commerce it broke my heart to see Midhurst slowly dying with shop after shop closing, with the old town and West Street being particularly badly hit.

Now we see the buds of rebirth and it’s the time to celebrate what this company have achieved.

If you’ve nothing constructive to say, dear town council, then please say nothing and let the business men and women, with their brilliant ideas, their bravery and their own money, pull Midhurst into another phase of prosperity.

Ted Penfold

Ashfield Road,