Cadillac Country launch new monthly music club in Washington

Rock ‘n’ roll/country crossover band Cadillac Country – and particularly founder member Bryon Winslade – are starting up a new monthly music club called Cadillac Country’s Rockin’ Roadhouse.

As band spokesman Chris Davis explains: “Each club night will feature two bands. One of them will be Cadillac Country, with an extended set in the middle of the evening from a special guest - a different special guest each month.

“The Roadhouse club will feature a mixture of country, rock ‘n’ roll, blues, rockabilly, and more. The club will meet at 8pm at Washington Village Hall on the third Friday of each month, entrance £5. The first club night is on Friday, September 19.

“The first special guests to appear on the bill with Cadillac Country will be a local Worthing-based electric blues band called Slow Fuse Blues.”

Chris added: “Cadillac Country have been together for almost a year now, it kind of evolved all by itself, from being the resident band at my friend Bryon’s country music club, to branching out into rock ‘n’ roll which a lot of us have experience of playing, and now we seem to have settled down into the sound, style and line-up that we have now - a seven-piece comprising vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, double bass, drums, piano and pedal steel.

“There was a band that was around some years ago called Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen. They played a diverse blend of music under the umbrella of Americana, blending rock ‘n’ roll, country, blues, boogie woogie, all of those kind-of styles and mixing them together to create their own sound. Re-discovering their music was kind of a lightbulb moment for us, because we thought ‘Here’s a band who just played the music that they loved without getting in a sweat about labelling it - they knew the songs that worked for them and they just played them! Why can’t we do that?’

“So that’s how we’ve kind of evolved, and now if someone sees Cadillac Country playing they’re getting a very diverse mixture of music and yet somehow it all seems to fit together. We all have so many varied influences and love playing together. It just feels right and natural. We have so much fun together when we’re on stage and hopefully that comes across to audiences too.

“As I say, the band began life as the resident band of the Way Out West Country Music Club in Washington, which was run by my friend Bryon Winslade who’s also a member of Cadillac Country. With the way the band has evolved, we also felt the time was right to evolve the club as well. So starting off on Friday, September 19 (and then every third Friday of the month after that, we’re relaunching the club with a new name and a new format!”

Entrance for each Rockin’ Roadhouse night will be £5. The club meets at 8pm at Washington Village Hall in West Sussex. More details from Bryon on 01903 893716 or log on to