Major exhibition from Clive McBain will help relaunch Chichester's Oxmarket

The Art of Clive McBain will be an early highlight as Chichester’s Oxmarket Gallery gets back into its stride post-lockdown.

Thursday, 25th March 2021, 2:32 pm
Clive McBain
Clive McBain

Clive is delighted to be showing his representational paintings in The John Rank Gallery, “a gallery which never fails to fill me full of joy.

“Although this exhibition is for one week only it affords an opportunity to show my paintings in beautiful surroundings.

“My paintings have pleased many people over the years, paintings that clearly illustrate my love of detail, craftmanship and meticulous rendering over a range of subjects.

“It is difficult for me to talk about my work other than it is a love affair which has lasted over thirty years. I often get mail from people who have seen and clearly enjoy my paintings.

“In March I received an email from a gentleman called Marty in Arizona who came across my work on my website.”

As Clive says, Marty’s comments “make the endless hours I spend painting worthwhile.”

Marty emailed to say: “I absolutely could not comprehend that anyone could have either the ability and vision, or patience, to create such minute and realistic detail. I must admit, as realistic and beautiful and accurate as the animals are, what struck me most with those first few images was the detail in the wood. To do that and have it look utterly photorealistic truly seems impossible! To have the patience for that seems impossible! I look at just one painting and it seems that it would take an entire lifetime to create! The sand and the pebbles and tiny seashell fragments, the details in the ropes and the aged finish of the chains in the black headed gulls painting. The thousands of leaves, no two alike, in the red fox painting.”

Clive added “My Red Fox painting will be at my exhibition along with thirty or so other works.”

Clive studied fine art at Willesden College of Art and then graphic design at Brighton College of Art.

He went on to win three national poster competitions and on graduating with an NDD made the natural transition into advertising as an art director in a leading London advertising agency.

He subsequently co-founded McBain Noel-Johnson and Co Ltd, a design consultany based in London W1.

In 1992 he took the major decision to devote himelf entirely to painting.

Clive, who lives at Graffham, has sold illustrations and paintings worldwide due mainly to his succession of solo exhibitions at Petworth House.

The Art of Clive McBain runs from April 20-25 at The Oxmarket Gallery off East Street Chichester. The Gallery is open daily 10am-5pm, closed Mondays.