Chichester musicians unite on new album

Author and musician Sean B W Parker is the producer on a new Chichester-area album which could be the first of many.

Monday, 12th January 2015, 8:40 am

Chi-Signs, released through Sean’s own record label Seraglio Point Productions, is available from iTunes and other download outlets. There will be a live show of the artists on the album at La Havana, Little London, Chichester, on Friday, January 16 from 9pm till midnight; tickets £5 on the door.

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Sean moved to Chichester last summer after years in Istanbul where he recorded his own contribution to the album, a track called Emotional Planes.


“The recording has got 13 tracks by a group of Chichester-based artists from around the area – about ten different artists including Ettuspadix and also a guy called Ben Harvey.

“I had this record company out in Istanbul, and I released two albums there which were compilations of Istanbul artists. When I came back here last August, I thought I could do it here too because I like to be active. So I started to make friends on the local music scene, people like Ruby Tiger and Ben. I just said to them ‘Is there anything you would like to get published this way, either old or new?’”

The result is strikingly colourful, Sean says: “It’s everything from blues to avant garde. This guy Ben Harvey is contemporary acoustic in a very professional way.

“On the album, it comes as a surprise. It’s the mid-point, this very professional big-sounding track when the rest of it is quite esoteric. I would like to think it might be the first of a series. I would like to follow it up with another in about six months.”

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