FILM: Wreckers (15)

Dictynna Hood writes and directs this low-budget British drama, which is blessed with strong performances from an impressive ensemble cast.

Sunday, 18th December 2011, 5:00 pm

Dawn (Claire Foy) and her husband David (Benedict Cumberbatch) move away from the hubbub of the city to the close-knit village where he grew up.

It takes Dawn time to adjust to her new surroundings but she gradually warms to the slower pace of life in the countryside by rearing hens and renovating the house. As thoughts turn to raising a family, David’s brother Nick (Shaun Evans), a soldier on leave who suffers from dark mood swings, arrives in the village and has a profound effect on Dawn.

She is drawn to his vulnerability and as the wife spends increasing amounts of time with her emotionally damaged and volatile brother-in-law, she learns secrets from his family history which paint David in a very different and unflattering light.

Released: December 16 (UK, selected cinemas), 84 mins