Scroll through the past mayors of Chichester - picture gallery

Three-times former Mayor of Chichester Anne Scicluna has once again explored the history of the high office she has held.

Friday, 29th March 2019, 8:00 am
Myles Burton
Myles Burton

Six years ago, Anne brought out the volume A Chain Of Mayors: The Mayors of Chichester 1239-2013, one of the University of Chichester’s now defunct Otter Memorial Papers. She has now updated it. The book is available from the Novium, the City Council and Kim’s Bookshop.

Charles Allen
William Titchenor
John Costello
Sharp Garland
Frederick Lewis
John Gilbert
Peyton Mackeson
Walter Stride
George Tullet
Sir George Murray
Adolphus Ballard
Nicholas Tyacke
George Turnbull
Anne Scicluna
Charles Newell
Ebenezer Prior
Barry Fletcher