Allergy concerns raised by Gatwick Airport passengers

Airlines are being warned that they must know what allergens are in food supplied on flights following concerns raised by passengers.

Friday, 6th July 2018, 4:54 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:14 pm
Gatwick Airport

West Sussex Trading Standards has contacted airlines flying out of Gatwick to remind them of their obligations under EU allergen rules.

If airlines take on meals in the EU, then the food supplied in flight has to meet EU requirements on allergen information.

This means the crew must know what allergens are in the food and this information must be passed on to passengers either through the menu or verbally in response to a question.

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Peter Aston, West Sussex County Council’s Trading Standards manager said: “Setting off on holidays is an exciting time, but can also be an anxious time if you suffer from a food allergy.

“As we can’t board the planes to check rules are being followed, we sent guidance notes on the requirements to those airlines taking on food at Gatwick.

“Because of the way airlines operate, flights coming in to Gatwick from outside the EU, or outgoing flights that have already taken on the food outside the EU don’t have to follow the same rules - so for those with food allergies still need to be careful in those situations.

“We would always be interested to hear from passengers who have concerns over allergen management on flights so that we can follow up specific incidents with the airlines.”

You can report concerns to Trading Standards on 03454 040506 or online at