No cost limit for Chichester A27 solution, roads expert tells group

There is no cost limit for a Chichester A27 solution, the design group were told last Thursday.

Friday, 16th March 2018, 11:38 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:47 am
Representatives from across the area gathered to debate the newly released A27 options

This revelation provoked some disbelief, but gathered members were assured that more funding could be available if the benefits of the road fix were high enough.

David Carter from planning consultancy Systra said: “We are not saying there is a cost threshold.”

Speaking at a meeting of the Build a Better A27 group at the Chichester Assembly Rooms, Mr Carter said the group could look at multiple funding streams rather than just Highways England.

He added: “It is clear that a primary funder will be Highways looking to deliver Highways benefits.

“We can develop maybe a funding cocktail.”

Members of the group were given copies of the longlist of options and asked to breka into teams and provide feedback.

Ash Pal, group facilitator, said: “Basically we are on time.

“We are on target to complete this process in May and June of this year.

“We are doing what we said we would and we are about half way through.”

The deadline for this initial process is Thursday, March 29, with sifting of the route options to begin on Monday, April 16.

Speaking at the end of the meeting, leader of West Sussex County Council Louise Goldsmith thanked everyone who had worked so hard to bring put the options together.

She added: “It has been an important night.

“There has been a huge huge amount of effort that has gone into tonight.

“We want a really good result and we have to put the effort in.”