Sussex Primark non-gender fitting rooms spark debate

Primark has been embroiled in a gender debate after installing non-gendered fitting rooms in its new Sussex store.

Monday, 18th March 2019, 5:06 pm
Updated Monday, 18th March 2019, 5:11 pm
Primark in Hastings

Customers wanting to try on clothing in the Hastings store can now use any fitting room as part of a new design.

The non-gendered fitting rooms were first installed in the Hastings Primark store before being introduced in Bluewater’s new store a week later.

The decision has been met with a mixed reaction.

Jerri Lee, who opposed Primark’ decision, said: “Oh my goodness. So Primark have changing rooms that men and women use.

“I would not be happy to try clothing on my daughters or myself knowing a man is opposite or next door.

“Just curtains too not even doors! This has put me right off! They will see more returns this way I’m sure!”

She added: “I fear for the young school girls who are allowed to go shopping with their friends on the weekend using such areas. Putting them at potential dangers or take away their independence and don’t allow them to grow up because you want to safeguard them. Ridiculous of Primark.”

Steve Young responded saying the gender neutral fitting rooms allowed his ten-year-old daughter to show him her outfits without having to walk out and ask his opinion in front of others.

He said the changing rooms would be better if they had doors as opposed to curtains.

Marine Jardine said Primark was ‘doing the right thing’.

She added: “Why don’t we just have people changing rooms? We are all people, get a grip.

“Primark are doing the right thing, they all have curtains you can’t see anything. Also, why would you want to? Live and let live.”

A Primark spokesman said: “It has been our policy for some time that all customers are welcome to use the fitting rooms of their choice in our stores.

“As part of our latest in-store design, non-gendered fitting rooms, which are commonplace in retail and other markets in which we operate, have been introduced in our new Bluewater and Hastings stores.”

The new Hastings store opened on March 6.

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